GENERAL SERVICES CIPRI S.L.U (hereinafter referred to as Olivos Centenarios Cipri) is the sole rights holder.

Olivos Centenarios Cipri will ensure compliance with each of the following commitments in strict respect for consumer rights.

Olivos Centenarios Cipri commits to resolve, in the mutual interest of its customers and associated establishments, any potential discrepancies (arising from a customer’s or recipient’s complaint) that may occur in connection with an order from Olivos Centenarios Cipri, which the customer or recipient may not be able or wish to resolve directly with the involved Members. If, after hearing explanations from the florist or establishment, their responsibility is determined in connection with an order from Olivos Centenarios Cipri, it will ensure the enforcement of the decision made as a result of this discrepancy.

Olivos Centenarios Cipri informs the customer that the requested data constitute the essential minimum required to execute the contracted service. Under no circumstances will personal data obtained throughout the order processing or potential subsequent communications be used for purposes other than those necessary for resolving the order or any associated incidents. Olivos Centenarios Cipri will not disclose any data to third parties that are not essential for verifying the contracted service or associated incidents, with the goal being the proper completion and execution thereof. The collected data may be used for surveys, statistics, market trend analysis, and user profiles to improve our service, without prejudice to your right to exercise the rights of access, opposition, cancellation, or rectification.

To obtain models and forms for exercising these rights, you can consult the Spanish Data Protection Agency’s portal accessible through the URL and obtain the appropriate form, complete it, and send it by mail to Olivos Centenarios Cipri, with an address at Partida Solaes 149, 12580 Benicarló, Castellón — Spain, as the data controller, along with a photocopy of your ID.

In cases where personal data of the recipient of the order are not provided directly by them, in compliance with Article 5.4., Olivos Centenarios Cipri or the florist as the data processor will inform these recipients, within three months from the moment of data registration, of the content of the provided data, their origin, the existence and purpose of the file containing their data, the possibility of exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition, as well as the identifying data of Olivos Centenarios Cipri, as the data controller.

Accepted Payment Methods

Irrespective of the contracted products and their destination, you can pay for your order using Credit/Debit card or through direct bank transfer.

Information about the Right of Withdrawal

Olivos Centenarios Cipri informs the customer that, in accordance with the provisions of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users (TRLGDCU), the consumer and user have the right to withdraw from the contract within a period of 14 natural days from the date of product delivery, without the need to state the reason and without incurring any costs, except in cases where one of the exceptions specified by the law applies.


The customer is informed that the provision of flower supply services does not grant the right of withdrawal, as this right does not apply to the supply of goods that can deteriorate or expire quickly.



The customer declares to have read and understood the present General Sales Conditions, expressly accepting them:

The customer agrees that, through Olivos Centenarios Cipri, they request the delivery of a floral product to a recipient, which will be executed by another Member of Olivos Centenarios Cipri – the florist or executing establishment – capable of delivering it to the recipient in accordance with Olivos Centenarios Cipri’s allocation rules.

The customer acknowledges that the characteristics of the products in the national and international Olivos Centenarios Cipri collection may vary in terms of structure, content, and colors used for composition. This variation is due to the existence of seasonal flowers/plants, as well as the different working methods in various locations, not only in Spain but also around the world.

In any case, Olivos Centenarios Cipri guarantees that the composition will be of the highest quality, not only in the materials used but also in the design.

The above does not apply to compositions that specify the products to be included (for example, 12 roses), in which case the product specified by the consumer will be delivered, always of the highest quality.

For arrangements made by the Florista (florist), delivery is only guaranteed in localities associated with the Olivos Centenarios Cipri network. The customer will be informed if delivery cannot be made, allowing for a change of product in a new order or cancellation, as convenient.

The customer must verify that the information provided to Olivos Centenarios Cipri through any channel or the copy of the order sheet, which can be requested from the Transmitting Florist, is correct, complete, legible, and sufficient to allow the proper execution and delivery of the order (including, but not limited to: postal code, recipient’s landline and/or mobile number, etc.). The customer placing the order cannot hold Olivos Centenarios Cipri or the involved florists or establishments responsible if the order is not served as requested due to missing or incorrect information.

Orders will be delivered to the address designated by the customer, along with a card containing the text provided by the customer.

In the case of a dispute, Olivos Centenarios Cipri‘s guarantee cannot be applied if the information provided by the customer is incomplete, insufficient, or erroneous.

The customer should be aware that if the order cannot be fulfilled due to the involvement of any participants responsible for its completion (transmitting florist, executor, or delivery personnel), their order will be fully refunded, and no claim for damages can be made.

The customer agrees that the executing florist or delivery service may use the recipient’s phone number to ensure their presence at the delivery location. Since a second delivery is not part of the contract, this call will optimize Olivos Centenarios Cipri‘s service. The absence of surprise for the recipient cannot be considered a source of dispute.

The customer must ensure that the recipient or a representative is capable of receiving the floral product at the specified date and time of delivery.

In the event of absence or inability to fulfill the service at the delivery address, the executing florist or delivery service may use the recipient’s landline or mobile number as soon as possible to ensure delivery – if they cannot directly speak with the recipient – and leave a voicemail or send an SMS.

The customer acknowledges that the order amount reflects the total price, including taxes, covering transmission, composition, and delivery of the requested products, as well as the cost of service and the Olivos Centenarios Cipri guarantee. This total price consists of the selected floral product’s price, any complementary products chosen, delivery costs, and, if applicable: (i) express delivery service charges (to fulfill the order within a maximum of 2 hours, not available for funeral wreaths; currently unavailable), (ii) Funeral surcharge applied to all orders in this category.

If the recipient refuses to accept the delivered floral product, it will be considered completed and delivered, and no refund will be issued to the customer. This contingency will be communicated to the customer via the provided phone number.

For deliveries to hospitals, hotels, funeral homes, public institutions, and other places with restricted public access, the customer must ensure, before placing any order, that there will be no difficulties. If the delivery is rejected by the recipient for any reason, the delivery will be considered completed, and the delivery will be considered made at the establishment’s reception.

In certain hospitals, delivery personnel may not be allowed to access the rooms. In such cases, the flowers are usually left at the reception, and the hospital staff subsequently delivers them to the recipients, following the internal regulations of the establishment.

The customer is informed that in the case of a funeral or delivery to a public place, depending on the circumstances (hospital, clinic, funeral home, crematorium, church, etc.), and considering that the funeral organization is not obligated to manage flower reception, obtaining the recipient’s signature may not be possible.

In the case of a funeral, at the request of the family present at the location, the date and/or place of floral product delivery may be modified. No claim related to these modifications will be considered. The same applies to any modifications requested by the recipient’s family.

The customer can request delivery of an order within 15 days from the delivery date, both for national and international orders.

If the reason for the claim is the quality of the delivered product or its composition, the customer can file a claim within 24 hours from the delivery date. Claims submitted after this period cannot be considered due to the perishable nature of the product and the inability to verify its original quality or composition.

If the claim is justified, the customer’s refund and compensation will be managed through the appropriate resolution process in each case.


The recipient, either themselves or through a representative, must sign the document presented by the executing florist as proof of successful delivery.

If the recipient is not present or represented at the time of delivery, they should, upon viewing the “Delivery Notice” left in their mailbox (if accessible), contact the executing florist or Olivos Centenarios Cipri, whose address is provided on the notice. They can then visit the establishment to collect the floral product or request a new delivery. However, a second delivery is not included in the contract. If the executing florist or delivery service offers a second delivery as a gesture of commercial courtesy, a specific delivery time cannot be imposed.

If the recipient is dissatisfied with the received floral product (non-conforming or not fresh, etc.), they should still accept the delivery as proof. Within 24 hours of delivery at the latest, they should communicate any complaints.

Modification of these Conditions

Olivos Centenarios Cipri reserves the right to make changes to the Conditions or the Service, or any part thereof, at any time, for any legal or contractual reasons; for security purposes; to enhance existing functionalities or incorporate new ones; to reflect improvements; or to make reasonable technical adjustments to the Service.

Circumstances beyond our reasonable control

Olivos Centenarios Cipri will not be held responsible for any delay or failure to meet obligations under these Conditions that can be attributed to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond our reasonable control.


These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law. The parties, at their discretion, agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the user’s domicile, waiving any other jurisdiction.

Regarding any other issues related to the transmission service, the customer has a period of 15 days to communicate their dissatisfaction. After this 15-day period, no other claims will be considered.


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